Judy Hill

Candidate Member

Judy is currently a candidate member with CNAREA with 10+ years of experience in York Region and Durham Region.  Having performed various rural, estate, and waterfront properties in the area.

Kevin Lillico

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer CNAREA

An accredited appraiser in good standard with the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers with over 10 years experience.  Kevin has a vast knowledge of the market in the York Region, Durham Region and Simcoe Region's having performed various valuations on residential, rural, waterfront and estate homes.  Kevin's wide range of experience and knowledge allows him to perform industry leading valuations and professional reports.

Our Team

Nick Fulton

Candidate Member

Nick is a candidate member with CNAREA servicing Northern York Region, Simcoe Region and Durham Region's.  Nick's background in zoning and planning allows him to complete residential, rural and waterfront appraisals in the community.

Heather Lillico

Office Administrator

Heather play's an integral role in the customer service and organizational strength of our company. She provides administrative support for our appraisers and customers.  Managing all new orders and communication with the appraisers to ensure fast and effective service. 

Miri Lillico
Candidate Member

Miri is a candidate member with CNAREA servicing York Region, Simcoe Region and Durham Region's.  Miri's extensive background in real estate allows her to apply her 10+ years of experience  completing residential, condominium  rural and waterfront appraisals.